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Passion for Coffee


Latte with plants


Under this roof, everyone has a passion for coffee and a passion for quality. We source some of the best green coffee beans from all over the world – from South America to Indonesia to Africa, we strive to find greatness from Single Origin, Fair Trade Organic and Rainforest Alliance suppliers. 


Coffee farmer surrounded by coffee plants


Whether you are looking for a light bodied roast that is bright and playful, or a dark roast that is bold and deep with that coffee flavor, we have it all here at The Frothy Cup. 


Small Batch Roasting

To be able to achieve amazing results in our roasting process, we roast in small batches, allowing us to monitor the beans by hand through the entire cycle and ensure that we are producing a roast that is sure to awaken your soul, as well as your mind.


Coffee roaster testing for doneness


Through small batches, we are able to control the freshness of our product to make sure it is some of the best coffee you have ever had and experiment with new blends. 


Tried and True

We have honed our craft over the years and have developed some amazing house blends that have our customers always asking for another cup. Blending different roast levels of different bean varietals offers us a unique experience that brings out the best of both beans. Be sure to try our namesake The Frothy Cup Blend, the Alpine Blend, Mama Bear Blend, Mount Evans Blend, or the Oh My Gawd Blend. We also offer an espresso and organic blend of our signature house roast.


 Person holding a bag of fresh coffee beans


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