Burlap bags of coffee from all over the globe

Interested in purchasing our coffee wholesale?

At The Frothy Cup we are passionate about delivering the most exceptional customer experience possible. The same focus we have for our retail customers carries over to our focus on our wholesale clients. We want the coffee you serve your customers and employees to be remarkable, and the entire experience you have with us to be exceptional.


Cup of coffee with a bag of beans


We only buy the best.

We only buy the best specialty green coffee beans and and roast them in small batches in the pristine Rocky Mountain air at 7,500 in elevation. We will roast your order within 24 hours of shipping and will always ship Priority Mail, or hand deliver.


Small batch of coffee beans being roasted by hand


This is important, as freshly roasted whole bean coffee holds its maximum flavor for about two weeks. For this reason, we recommend placing orders every two weeks (or setting up a recurring order) so that you are always serving the freshest and best tasting coffee possible.

Approximately 83% of all adults in the US drink coffee.

Approximately 83% of all adults in the United States drink coffee, at an average of three cups per day. If you are a restaurant, this means that your customers probably purchase coffee more than they do any other single menu item. Since the quality of the food you serve plays a significant role in defining the quality of your restaurant and consequently plays a huge factor in driving repeat business, the quality of your coffee is not an area to cut corners.


Fresh espresso pouring into a cup


While freshly roasted, high quality, specialty coffee is a bit more expensive than the bulk coffee that many restaurants and businesses currently purchase, the difference is only pennies per cup. For just a few pennies more you can improve the menu item that affects more of your customers than anything else you serve!

For prices or more information about our wholesale program, please contact us at thefrothycup@thefrothycup.com