• This place is pure magic. Some places are hard to leave because of the way they make u feel. This is one.

    Suzette G. Decatur, GA
  • Absolutely love this place. Nicest people in the world. May be the best latte I’ve ever had as well.

    Brandon B. Allen, TX
  • In search of a good cup of coffee while in Idaho Springs? It’s here! I ordered a Caramel Macchiato and drank it on the spot. Before I left, I got another one to-go.

    Pam H. Littleton, CO
  • Great place with excellent service. I don’t usually write reviews but this place is awesome.

    Alex M. Ft Lauderdale, FL
  • Not only is the coffee outstanding, but so are the staff that works there. Their homemade cookies were amazing!

    Michael W. Orlando, FL
  • The most delightful coffee place you could ever hope to come across!

    Laura P. Los Angeles, CA
  • Love stopping at this place on the way to the mountains to ski. The homemade Blueberry Bliss muffins are hands down the best muffins I’ve ever had.

    Caitlin D. Rocky Point, NC
  • I am enjoying the best Caramel Macchiato I have ever had. If you come to Idaho Springs, this is a must try.

    Patricia A San Francisco, CA
  • We came here after rafting and there’s a reason why it has 5 stars: it’s fantastic.

    Calvin C. San Francisco, CA
  • I love this coffee shop! The breakfast burritos smothered in the green chili sauce are the best I’ve had.

    Kristina W. Ennis MT
  • Probably the most adorable, quintessentially rustic, and well-done coffee shop in the West!

    Janes H. Broomfield, CO
  • Oh my gosh. I don’t even know where to start!. I finally settled on a lavender honey latte. Literally the best latte I have ever had.

    Madison C. Chino, CA

“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.”
― Pablo Picasso

coffee-loveCoffee Love!

Coffee lovers know that freshly roasted coffee is quite simply the best coffee that they will ever drink. Here at The Frothy Cup we buy only the highest quality green coffee beans from all over the world, and then we roast them in small batches here at the shop, at 7,500 feet in elevation in the clean Rocky Mountain air of Idaho Springs. We believe there is no comparison between our freshly roasted coffee and the coffee purchased at a grocery store, or even from coffee shops that do not roast their own beans on site. Freshly roasted coffee (whole bean) holds its best flavor and aroma for about two weeks and ground coffee holds its best flavor and aroma for a much shorter period of time. A good analogy is that freshly roasted coffee is like that warm cinnamon roll you buy from the bakery. The flavor simply explodes in your mouth. Now compare that warm cinnamon roll to one that you can buy sitting on the shelf at the grocery store, or in a bag that has a “best buy” date that extends months into the future.
The flavor of coffee that you buy from a roaster just simply “blows away” the coffee that you buy from the store or coffee chains that do not roast their beans locally. When you purchase your coffee from us here at the shop in Idaho Springs all of our bags of coffee are dated. Also, when you order your coffee from us here on the web site or over the phone, we will roast your coffee to order and ship all orders within 24 hours of roasting to ensure maximum freshness! We will always do everything possible to insure that the coffee that you buy from us is the best coffee that you can drink!

You will be delighted

Whether it is our freshly roasted coffee, our organic smoothies or our baked goods, we are always focused on making your experience here at The Frothy Cup delightfully memorable. Our town is an old historic mining town, where the Colorado Gold Rush began. There are amazing shops, mine tours, white water rafting trips, 14,000-foot peaks to climb and even mineral hot springs to enjoy. All within a 20-minute drive of Denver. To top it off you can relax here at the shop with what we believe is the best cup of coffee, latte or cappuccino that you have ever had. Our customers leave with not only the perfect coffee, but an experience they will never forget. If you can’t make it up to Idaho Springs, you can still enjoy our exceptional coffee by ordering here on our web site.

Miner Street in Idaho Springs taken in 1889

Miner Street, 150th anniversary of Idaho Springs in 2009

Enjoy our bakery goods

Here at The Frothy Cup all of our cookies and muffins are original recipes that you will not find anywhere else! They are made with mostly organic and non-GMO ingredients and are the perfect compliment to your coffee drink. On more than one occasion we have heard the comment, “This is the best muffin that I have ever had!” Come taste for yourself what our customers are telling us. We also have a wide selection of locally baked pies and baklava.

Images: Courtesy of The Historical Society of Idaho Springs