Ethiopia Limu Organic

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Roasted light/medium, Ethiopian Limu is a vibrant and well balanced medium bodied coffee, pleasantly sweet with tones of jasmine, stone fruit and marzipan, and is considered a gourmet coffee by specialty roasters.

This organic coffee is sourced from the Abamecha farm, located in a native forest reserve in the Limu region of Ethiopia. It is grown at an elevation between 4,500 and 6,000 feet. The soil is volcanic, with a rich loamy topsoil built up over the years from the forest.


Haider Abamecha has been in the coffee industry his entire life. Slowly growing his business over the years to become one of Ethiopia's best regarded coffee suppliers. The farm where this coffee is grown is located in a part of Limu that primarily consists of native forest reserve. Haider has maintained the natural feel of the forest by thinning the original land enough to allow adequate light through to the coffee. The diversity of birdlife, wild pig and the prevalence of Colombus monkeys crashing through the trees is proof that the impact on the natural environment is minimal.