Guatemala Huehuetenango Light Roast

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Guatemala Huehuetenango FincaZaculeu SHB Plus

Huehuetenango coffee has great body, sweet acidity, creamy honey notes and a chocolatey-smooth and clean finish. Guatemala coffee’s are complex, but they are also well rounded and very smooth.

This amazing coffee is shade grown in the mountain soil near Zaculeu (pronounced Saqulew) the ancient Mayan archeological site in the Western Highlands of Guatemala.

ancient Mayan archeological site in the Western Highlands of GuatemalaThe Frothy Cup’s Guatemala Huehuetenango is a single estate coffee, grown and harvested by the Gustavo Mauricio Tello Family in the highlands of La Libertad, located in the Guatemala state of Huehuetenango. The Tello family cultivates Bourbon, Catuai and Caturra varieties of the Arabica beans at 5,000 – 5,400 feet above sea level. After the coffee cherries are picked, the beans are washed and sun-dried which imparts a unique and complex fruit driven flavor to the bean.

Strictly Hard Bean (SHB)

The finest  "Gourmet" or "Specialty coffees" are grown in select mountainous regions between 4000 and 6000 feet above sea level in elevation. The common designation for this specialty Arabica coffee, particularly in Latin American coffee-growing regions, is "SHB" or "Strictly Hard Bean". The higher altitudes and lower temperatures produce a slower maturing fruit and a harder, denser bean, and are thus more desirable than coffee’s grown at lower elevations. The inherent consistency and taste attributes of high grown beans makes them more desirable, and generally more expensive, than coffees grown at lower elevations.