Mount Evan’s Blend

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The Mount Evan's Blend has been developed to combine a dark roasted Central America coffee bean with a light roasted Indonesia coffee bean, so that the drinker can enjoy the subdued acidity of the Central America bean with the true bean flavor of Indonesia bean.


The art of blending coffee is like the art of blending a fine Meritage wine. The goal is to select coffee beans that have their own distinct flavor characteristics that when blended create a new harmonious flavor profile that cannot be achieved with a single origin coffee bean. While there are many blending strategies in the world of coffee, many coffee blends combine the acidic vibrancy of a Central America bean with the mellow smoothness of an Indonesia bean.

There are two significant components that effect the flavor of your coffee. The first is the bean itself. The flavor of the bean is effected by both its variety and the nature of the climate where it was grown: elevation, soil, temperature, moisture, sun or shade, etc. The second significant component is the roast. The lighter the roast the more you can taste the true nature of the bean. The darker the roast, the more the roast effects the flavor of the coffee. Mount Evan’s Blend combines a dark roasted Central America bean with a light roasted Indonesia bean.The Indonesia bean provides a classic balance of earthiness, pungency, body and rustic sweetness.The Central America bean imparts body, sweet acidity, creamy honey notes and a smooth and clean finish. Blended together you get the subdued brightness of the Central America bean and the wonderful smooth mellowness of the Indonesia bean. In this blend, the Central America bean, even with its vibrancy subdued by the dark roast, tends to play the more dominant role in the flavor profile.