Oh My Gawd Blend

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The Oh My Gawd Blend has been developed to be consistent with some of the world’s top rated blends. It is an intriguing combination of Africa, Indonesia, and Central America beans roasted medium dark for a full bodied smoky cup with a hint of spiciness.


The art of blending coffee is like the art of blending a fine Meritage wine. The goal is to select coffee beans that have their own distinct flavor characteristics that when blended create a new harmonious flavor profile that cannot be achieved with a single origin coffee bean. While there are many blending strategies in the world of coffee, many of the world’s best blends combine the acidic vibrancy of an Africa or Central America bean with the mellow smoothness of an Indonesia bean.

The Indonesia bean has a deep-toned resonance, earthiness, pungency, body and chocolaty rustic sweetness. The Africa bean has a lively juicy presence with winy, berry undertones, distinct floral tones in the aroma, an intense and complex flavor and a vibrant finish. The Central America bean imparts great body, sweet acidity, creamy honey notes and a chocolatey smooth and clean finish. When all of these flavors come together in the cup you get an exceptional cup of coffee that has great body, a bright liveliness, and a rich mellow finish of chocolate and caramel.

Here at The Frothy Cup we only purchase the very highest quality green coffee beans, and we ensure that our roasting process doesn’t mask the true flavor of the bean! So, while the Oh My Gawd Blend is our darkest roasted blend, the level of roast is only dark enough to add a wonderful smoky nature to the cup without overpowering the truly amazing flavors of these beans.