The Frothy Cup Blend

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The Frothy Cup Blend is our most popular blend, as it has flavor characteristics that appeal to all coffee drinkers. It has brightness, yet it also has a smooth rich feel on the tongue and finishes with well-balanced flavor notes of chocolate, caramel and butter cookies. We believe that The Frothy Cup Blend is quite simply the perfect blend of some of the world’s finest coffees!


The art of blending coffee is like the art of blending a fine Meritage wine. The goal is to select coffee beans that have their own distinct flavor characteristics that when blended together create a new harmonious flavor profile that cannot be achieved with a single origin coffee bean.

For our signature coffee blend we start with an Africa coffee that we believe is one of the world’s finest gourmet coffees. It is a hard bean with intense flavors and aromatics that confront the palate at the first sip. This coffee bean has bright (highly acidic) medium to light-body, and an intense and complex flavor with a vibrant finish. To balance out the brightness and vibrancy of our first bean we selected an Indonesia bean that is one of the world’s smoothest coffees with flavor notes of chocolate and caramel. It has low acidity and a smooth and rich full body flavor that has weight without any feeling of heaviness. As our third and final bean we chose a high elevation, shade grown South America bean. This coffee has low to medium acidity, pronounced body with flavor notes of almond, cashew and butter cookie. It has a sweet and creamy mouth feel and helps the blend to finish with the taste of smooth dark chocolate.