The Frothy Cup Espresso Blend

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Our espresso is delicately blended using light roasted Papua New Guinea beans which allow the complex, tropical and fruity flavors to shine through.  A dark roasted Papua New Guinea bean is added for depth and richness.  Two kinds of Central American beans give this blend a smooth, sweet chocolatey finish.

The Frothy Cup’s Espresso Blend is our most important coffee. It is the coffee blend that we use in all of our latte’s, cappuccino’s, and of course, our highly regarded Espresso! Our Espresso Blend is designed to create a lot of crema. Crema is an emulsified layer of tiny bubble that form on the top of an espresso shot when it is pulled. This layer of crema serves many purposes, but most importantly it traps the aromatic flavors of the coffee so that they do not escape into the air, and can therefore be enjoyed “in the cup”.  Crema also coats the tongue with its many bubbles, which burst over a period of time. This allows the drinker to actually enjoy the flavor of their espresso long after they have finished drinking their “shot”.

While our Espresso Blend creates a superb espresso, all of the work to create this flavorful coffee can also be enjoyed as a regular cup of coffee. Our Espresso Blend is roasted to a medium roast, and is not a dark roast as so many people believe. In a dark roast the roast begins to dominate the flavor of the coffee, and the flavor of the beans become more secondary. Since our Espresso Blend contains some of the best beans in the world, the medium roast allows you to enjoy the true flavors of the beans. Our Espresso Blend is sweet, smooth, and is an extremely flavorful coffee with creamy notes of chocolate, caramel and butter cookie.